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It Takes a McVillage.

Posted by zelen304 in Branding, Environmental Graphics, Food & Beverage

How do you convince young parents, who would rather hang out at Starbucks, to pack up the kiddos and head to Mickey D’s?

Well first, you dump the clown, fill in the ball pit and relocate Playland. Then with a clean slate you bring in “adult design themes in a kid-friendly way.” A new McDonald’s in Amsterdam has opened with just such a concept and it seems to be working for both today’s kids and their professional parental units.

It’s all done in a warm, comfortable euro-village motif. The walls are treated like the set of a stage and are filled with artistic detail and playful experiential features. Rustic elements with a handmade look are a backdrop to experimental features that capture the young’s imagination. There’s a pinball machine designed like a grocery cart, a small trampoline at the base of a giant strawberry milkshake blender and an over-sized, operational cash register. Even without the meal, everyone is happy.