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The “Movement” Movement Is On

Posted by Walker in Branding, Education, Interaction, Product, Social

Move OnFrom non-profit causes like Susan G. Komen to eradicate breast cancer, to “The Potty Project” by Pull-Ups to eliminate pooh-filled diapers – the hot new bastion for marketing is clearly “movement” marketing. Every movement comes down to a group of people uniting around a single idea or cause with a passion for some sort of change.

With the Potty Project, parents help each other by sharing their experiences in teaching their tots to use the potty. The site is engaging, clearly creates community and positions Pull-Ups as a helpful brand. Movement marketing leverages this organic power of “idea-centered” individuals with today’s technology and social platforms to form a single collective identity and connects it to the brand. The brand further inspires the cause, creating a virtuous cycle – each gaining more momentum as the other grows. What feeds this cycle is authenticity – your brand must not only be relevant to the movement, but truthfully passionate about it. Then comes the big opportunity – becoming more relevant (and valuable) to your customers than just the product or service you produce and sell. Ultimately this collective identity, your customers, becomes a co-creator of your brand. And the real movement is on!


If you are feeling a bit like the movement has left the station and you’re still on the platform, you might want to sit down and reconsider your brand’s purpose.