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Segway into 2016

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Walker Brands celebrated the holidays enjoying many of the wonderful nighttime experiences in Grand Central at Kennedy, The Channel District and Tampa’s Downtown. Thank you to Pour House Tampa, Cena, The TECO Line Streetcar System and Magic Carpet Glide Segway Tours of Tampa who made our Segway into 2016 special! Happy Holidays to all!

Thomas Plummer Joins Walker Brands as VP of Brand Strategy

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Fall 2015 brings cooler temperatures, the start of the holiday season, and new leadership at Walker.

Tom is a marketing leader, brTomand strategist and CRM expert with over 20 years of experience designing and executing branding and customer insight programs for brands such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Outrigger Hotels, and HSN.

Most recently, Tom ran his own consultancy practice, Thomas Plummer Insights, where he served a diverse clientele of hospitality and real estate clients in the Miami area and launched a proprietary in-the-moment guest feedback and management system for the hospitality industry.

Tom comes to Walker with a strong and diverse blend of corporate and agency experience in the travel, hospitality, real estate, retail and destination marketing segments. His passion is building strong brands through the utilization of solid research and deep analytics that result in key insights that inform a brand’s identity, personality, and story.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Tom has also lived in Miami before calling St. Petersburg home. He holds a BA in Economics from Wake Forest and an MBA in Marketing from Virginia Tech. He’s a graduate of Leadership Miami, Leadership St. Pete and sits on the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee.

Places That Connect With Us


Tom’s Favorite Place: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

“Set high on the cliffs above Manuel Antonio National Park, the town of Manuel Antonio has world-class views and arguably the best sunset watching in the world. Surrounded by jungle, home to howler monkeys and a variety of other fascinating creatures, Manuel Antonio also offers great beaches, tons of outdoor adventures, and personifies Costa Rica’s ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.” – Thomas Plummer; tplummer@walkerbrands.com

Announcing Our Latest Branding Clients

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As the real estate market recovers, we are seeing more clients seeking to connect their developments and destinations with audiences in more meaningful, memorable, and distinctive ways. We are privileged to work with these reputable firms to strategically build integrated brand programs for their developments.

Naples-based luxury custom home builder, London Bay Homes, has engaged Walker to reinvigorate the brand and increase sales traffic for its golf and country club community in Sarasota, The Founders Club. Walker is evolving the brand story and developing a comprehensive branding plan for the 2015/2016 selling season. The Founders Club, which was named Best Overall Community in the 2015 Manatee/Sarasota Parade of Homes.

GCAK Tampa, LLC, the developers of Grand Central at Kennedy, have engaged Walker to develop an integrated advertising and marketing plan for sales of remaining units of this 390-unit mixed-use urban neighborhood community in Tampa’s popular Channel District.


Bayshore Retirement Partners, developers of senior living and memory care communities including Horizon Bay Hyde Park, have engaged Walker to evolve its brand strategy to position the company for continued growth. Bayshore’s principal, the former CEO of Horizon Bay Retirement Living, is a repeat client – Walker developed the nationally recognized, award-winning brand for Horizon Bay.

The Breeden Company has once again engaged Walker as its strategic destination branding partner, this time for its Harbor Vista at Crawford Street. Walker is developing the brand strategy and initial marketing for this 134-unit multifamily community in
Virginia. Previously, Walker developed the company’s award-winning brand for its Red Knot at Edinburgh apartment community.


Walker’s breadth of real estate branding programs spans beyond marketing and advertising and includes signage, programming, sales center experience and more. Check out some of our recent work here.

Walker Brands Launches 3 New Brand Programs

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Design, Food & Beverage, Identity, Luxury, Places, Positioning, Promotion, Real Estate, Rebrand, Uncategorized

We hear a lot of “farm to table” these days but no one’s taken it as far as Farmer Dave Smile’s has at Uriah’s Urban Farms. A visit to his indoor farm yields a story almost too good to be true…. until he pulls off a Rainbow Chard Leaf and you taste it. Tasting is believing and the brand evolution by Walker helps restaurant customers get it, too. We created an evolved identity, point-of-sale, new website and other touchpoints for restaurant owners, Farmer Dave and hungry patrons and helped further GROW the brand.

You don’t have to spend much time with Eshenbaugh Land Company before you realize the magnetism of brilliant brokers layered with cowboy code ethics, lunch-and-learn campfires, and an unbridled instinct of all things land. Walker used this company’s distinctive personality to inspire branded imagery, story and communications materials for this authentic land brokerage firm.

Rattlesnake Marine CenterA SNAKE-BITTEN BRAND
When the unique name of your location actually symbolizes the spirit of your brand, what do you do? You claim it! That’s what the new owners of Rattlesnake Marine Center, a luxury yacht marine service facility located on the historic Rattlesnake Point in Tampa, did when they wanted to get the attention of a discerning clientele. It was a compelling and memorable springboard to launch an identity, signage, advertising, and a promise to their customers who are used to best-of-breed craftsmanship and service. And it’s getting more than attention.


At Walker, we are passionate about helping clients bring their brands to life across all touchpoints, including their physical and online environments. If you’re ready to launch or evolve your brand to the next level, or simply want your marketing to work harder – we’re ready to listen. Call us at 813.875.3322 to take your brand to the next level of success.

Human Era Brands: Know How to be Real

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Employees, Hospitality, Identity, Interaction, Positioning, Product, Rebrand, Social

  “Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times.”
― John Gerzema

Human Era businesses know it’s okay to make mistakes; even more so, they know it’s okay to admit them. Instead of glossing over mistakes and attempting to sweep inconsistencies under the rug, they own their blunders. They apologize and explain the issues at hand.

Netflix demonstrated this in their attempt to rebrand their mailer DVD service to Qwikster. Cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings explained and apologized for the lack of communication in a video to the public. Further, Qwikster was axed when they realized their customers didn’t want this feature, reinforcing “we heard you” as a responsive move by Netflix.

On a smaller scale, USAA shows customer ratings on their website regardless if they are positive or not. On those less than stellar reviews, a moderator responds and has the appropriate personnel reach out to try and resolve the issue at hand.USAA

The ability to admit real life mistakes shows consumers a transparency that companies did not exemplify in years past and establishes a layer of trust between the consumer and the brand. With family and friends, truth and integrity are key to relationship growth, and this is no different with the brands we choose to enrich our lives.


What is one step you can take to begin to be more transparent with your consumers?

Human Era Brands: Act Like People

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Design, Employees, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Identity, Interaction, Places, Positioning, Product, Promotion, Rebrand, Social, Technology, Uncategorized

No one likes calling a company and getting an automated recording. In the same way, no one likes a brand that’s too stiff and impersonal. Gone is the age of formality; being real is in vogue.IKEA

Human Era brands have conversations with consumers. They don’t force their way. They’re cool enough to be welcomed; they’re “one of the guys.”Starbucks Twitter 2

Ikea demonstrates this on their social media by featuring fabulous before and after shots of how their furniture works in a space. Additionally, they know their weakness, assembling the furniture, and provide do-it-yourself tips on social media to their followers. Recognizing needs and addressing them appropriately is a way to get on a personal level with your consumers.

IKEA 2Another iconic brand to follow for their stellar people skills is Starbucks. Their twitter feed is chock full of personal-sounding tweets, artsy photos and even retweeting of followers. On Valentine’s Day, sweet poems under 140 characters were tweeted throughout the day. They also address a common problem facing many Starbucks customers, not knowing or using Starbucks’ terminology when ordering. They share “pro-tips” on their social media to inform customers of branded nomenclature. Starbucks Twitter 1

Ikea and Starbucks know their customers’ needs and have met them on that personal level. They are lending a hand to help as a friend would, by being human. This is one way to succeed as a Human Era brand.

Out with Institutional Era Branding; In with Human Era Branding

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Design, Employees, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Identity, Positioning, Rebrand, Social, Sustainability, Uncategorized

FEEDThe world as we know it is changing. Consumers, specifically millenials, don’t want to be talked at by a TV or radio ad. They want to be a part of something. They would rather support a cause than a brand. They want their chosen brands to support something.


This is the nature of “Human Era” brands. Essentially, brands are attempting to be human. They not only listen to what you and I say, but they welcome input from us. They are also transparent about their values and flaws. Consumers no longer turn their noses up at mistakes by their favorite brands as long as they are recognized by the brand. This openness builds trust, which is key to “Human Era” brands.


There are 5 trends that we will see throughout 2015 that may be uncomfortable for brands to jump into, as they stray from the norm of appearing buttoned-up and airbrushed. In the upcoming blogs we will dive into the 5 ways you can take your brand from the “Institutional Era” into the “Human Era” of branding.


Are you pondering the best way to evolve your company’s brand? It’s a critically important move and we’d welcome a chance to share best practices in today’s ever-changing landscape. Get in touch with us here.

Adaptive Reuse Movement

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Design, Identity, Places, Real Estate, Urban

What do abandoned firehouses, banks and warehouses have in common? To designers, it’s the possibility of more. From California to Maine, developers are finding these local diamonds-in-the-rough and turning them into gems with high earning potential.

UleleWhy the growth of these AR (adaptive reuse) projects? Most urban areas don’t have an ample amount of new-build sites and reusing the old is the best option. Urban areas are also seeing an influx in development as the economy continues to rebound. Additionally, those who reside in the city-centers prefer a walkable neighborhood and welcome these developments.

Others who appeal to these adaptive reuse projects are travelers looking for a genuine local experience, something they aren’t able to enjoy back home. It may be a restaurant in an old speakeasy or a museum in what used to be a county jail. Either way, these are stories and experiences that tourists canLe Meridien Hotel take with them and remember.

South Tampa has been the site of a few AR projects in the past year, including Le Meridien Hotel in the converted federal courthouse, Ulélé Restaurant in the previous Water Works Building and now the Kress Building, a former department store, which is slated to be developed into a hotel and apartment high rise.

The Kress BuildingThe success of an AR project rides on preserving some of the history and story of the site, while incorporating new and fresh ways to experience that heritage with the best of today’s design, building and technology advances. This is where brand comes in. “How you tell the story so that it’s authentic to the heritage but is evolved and received in a way that is valuable to today’s consumer is key,” says Nancy Walker, president of Walker Brands. “AR projects have an edge over many redeveloped or green field sites in that they are a treasure trove for distinct content and experiences which are critical to and integrated and engaging brand program in today’s landscape.”


Everyone has a story, regardless of how historic it is. We’d love to show you how to leverage and weave your story into branded “place” design and experience, whether you’ve got an old building, a cool office, or a unique facility or any place your customers visit. Get in touch with us here.

Aubrey Brand Wins National Design Awards

Posted by Walker Brands in Beauty, Branding, Design, Health and Fitness, Healthcare, Identity, Positioning, Product, Rebrand

When you’re authentic and distinct, branding comes naturally.GD USA Logo
We’ve experienced this first-hand in working with our client, Aubrey Organics, since 2012. It’s been our pleasure to assist Aubrey – the pioneer of all-natural beauty products – with evolving their brand on the shelf, in person and online. And now their refreshed brand design has earned national accolades.

Walker team members (from left) Heather Hall, Senior Brand Coordinator; Nancy Walker, President; and Joy Galatro, VP Brand Strategy (at right) present the GD USA American Graphic Design Award to Aubrey Chairman/CEO Priscilla DeFrancesco.

Walker team members (from left) Heather Hall, Senior Brand Coordinator; Nancy Walker, President; and Joy Galatro, VP Brand Strategy (at right) present the GD USA American Graphic Design Award to Aubrey Chairman/CEO Priscilla DeFrancesco.

The new lineup of Aubrey hair care packaging recently won a “2015 American Packaging Design Award” from Graphic Design USA. This is on the heels of Aubrey winning last year the “American Graphic Design Award” by Graphic Design USA for the company’s all-new trade show booth.

Aubrey Tradeshow
Featuring stunning images of nature and paired with memorable quotes from the company’s founder, Aubrey Hampton, the new trade show booth and product packaging were purposefully designed by Walker Brands to convey Aubrey’s reverence for nature and industry distinction as a truly “all natural.”

Aubrey Hair CareWe applaud Aubrey for leading the way since 1967 and staying “true” in today’s cluttered marketplace filled with “me too” brands.



The best brands celebrate their distinction and authenticity. When you stay true to who you are while delivering products or services that people are passionate about, you’ve got the recipe for brand success. Is your brand story out of synch with your brand strategy? Connect with us today and let Walker help you refresh your brand to reconnect with today’s customers.

Happy Holidays from the Walker Team

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 “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens

There are many incredible organizations changing lives and bringing some joy to those who would otherwise struggle to give gifts to their children on Christmas morning. We honor and celebrate that calling this holiday season. And we wish you and yours every blessing.