Live your brand — at every point of contact.

Need an example of how brand can inspire the total experience, including place? Look no further than our office, Tampa’s first privately funded “Gold” LEED-certified building. This building was purposefully designed to express our distinct brand personality. Here are some takeaways about our branded place to help inspire you to think differently about the “on brand” potential in your own environment.

Reflect Your Brand Your brand should come alive in your space. Know who you are and let that distinct personality inspire each and every aspect of the environment. At Walker, our office expresses our collaborative and creative culture (i.e. Brand Central), our passion for places (i.e. airplane wing conference room table and map wall “guestbook”), our green ethic (i.e. 200-year-old river-reclaimed wood floors), and our understanding of how to make memorable, multisensory experiences to delight employees, clients and guests (read on!)


Make A Branded First Impression First impressions are critical, so make them “on brand.” At Walker, our brand impression begins the moment guests arrive in our parking lot. The experience includes a colorful bird condo, humorously labeled guest parking signs, and outdoor speakers that let visitors listen in on the music they’ll soon hear inside.


Personalize The Journey – Make your guests the center of the experience and they’ll remember you for it. At Walker, this includes chalkboard art of our client’s logo, lobby projector that shows photos of our client’s business, a Ruby sign that greets guests when our real black Lab is home for the day, and a colorful Map Wall Guestbook where guests are invited to sign a pin and mark their hometown or favorite place.


Create Experiences Not Transactions – For the 2,500+ guests who have toured our branded office, what they remember most is the experience. Literally. We’ve designed many interactive elements that engage guests and show how emotional connections make lasting impressions. From an impromptu ping pong game to target-shooting foam disks through our place-inspired kinetic mobile to hanging out in our bubble chair, we give guests the opportunity to “feel” what the Walker brand is all about.


Engage All The Senses The more senses you engage, the more memorable the experience. The more memorable the experience, the more value created. You’ll experience this multi-sensory philosophy first-hand in our space through the music we play, the healthy snacks we serve, the eye candy assortment of colorful images and even the sounds you hear in our place-inspired bathrooms (yes, our bathrooms are quite famous – from the traffic sounds of Times Square to the love songs of Trevi Fountain). We’ve made Walker a place visitors will never forget – and one they proudly tell others about. Check out our guest book on flickr to read the reviews.


Add Stories For Meaning – At Walker, it’s not just WHAT we’ve done but WHY we’ve done it that matters. When people learn the stories behind our many branded touch points, they appreciate our purpose. For example, we don’t have any old conference room table. Ours is made from a recycled tail wing of a C-54 Skymaster (the airplane model that in its heyday in the 1940s was Air Force One to President Roosevelt and was flown as a cargo plane in World War II). Because Walker “connects people to places,” an airplane symbolizes our destination branding expertise. And, because it’s recycled, it makes a statement about our green workplace. Meaning makes memories – a major part of the story we share at Walker.


Teach and Share to Inspire and Excite – Our culture is all about innovation and collaboration. We thrive on discovering new ideas and tracking trends about branding, design, place creation, new media, sustainability, etc. We’ve created rituals that help us inspire others about the things that inspire us. Our occasional workshops teach tips about branding, and we give tours to students and clubs. Each week we feast on innovation during our Friday Idea Lunches and share bounty via our social media channels.


Let Your Brand Inspire Your Culture Bottom line, your brand is more than what you say it is. It’s what people think and feel about you. And that happens through the experiences they have with you. Who delivers those experiences? Your people. At Walker, branding is more than what we do, it’s who we are. When you build your culture around your brand, you’ll delight your customers, who will tell others, and the real power of brand begins.