We walk the walk.

Perhaps as significant as what we do is how we do it. The BrandWalk™ is what we call our strategic methodology to building distinctive brand programs. Every BrandWalk™ is customized according to each client’s unique business objectives. Whether it be a new brand or an evolution of an existing brand, the BrandWalk™ generally includes the following steps and stages:

Discovery – We listen, we ask and we gain understanding. This stage may include visioning sessions, interviews with your executive team and employee audiences, brand experience assessments, qualitative and quantitative research, design charettes, trend analysis, et.

Brand Brief – From the understanding we gain during Discovery comes a distillation down to key elements of distinction: the brand foundation. This critical foundation is comprised of a succinctly articulated brand purpose, points of difference, brand personality and positioning. . Although the Brand Brief is a tangible deliverable, the real value is the dialogue, collaboration and confirmation it will create amongst your team.

Brand Concepts – Next, we develop Brand Concepts to outline the overall creative approach and express the recommended “look and feel” of the brand story. This may include identity ideas, imagery themes, messaging that conveys the brand voice – all in support of the approved Brand Brief. In addition the brand concepts phase includes fresh thinking on the company’s place, product, people and processes. Each of these four elements are the framework for consistently exceeding the customers experience. Remember, you just can’t “Say It,” you have to “Live It.”

Brand Plan – Depending on the objectives, we can partner with clients to develop comprehensive communications and media plans, or outline smaller scopes of work that meet specific needs.

Brand Creation – What sets us apart is our keen ability to bridge brilliant strategy with distinctive creative execution. That translates to powerful branding programs that deliver better bottom-line results.

Brand Evolution – Brands are alive and changing. To keep your brand program fresh and truthful, we stay in the picture to help you track results, monitor marketplace response and course correct when needed.