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Your Brand’s Most Important Customer

Posted by Walker Brands in Branding, Design, Employees, Hospitality, Identity

Build Your Brand From The Inside Out

When launching a brand, do you know who your most important customers are? Many companies look externally to those who buy their products or services. But success is often determined by a company’s internal customers: their employees. 

Without employee understanding and buy-in, any brand strategy is in jeopardy. It needs to both resonate with them and be a reflection of company values and culture. Otherwise, the strategy is at risk of not being embraced or being perceived as inauthentic.

That’s why strong brands are built from the inside out.

A great example is our client Preferred Materials, one of the Southeast’s leading concrete and asphalt suppliers.

Walker partnered with Preferred to create a strategy to differentiate it as a premium supplier in a highly competitive and commoditized industry. Our efforts uncovered the sweet spot of their distinction: a pervasive “whatever it takes” attitude towards meeting customer needs that’s unique within the industry and valued by customers.

Walker designed Preferred’s strategy to communicate their distinction using the success stories of its employees. Doing this required two things – employee buy-in and a steady stream of content to share internally and externally. Preferred needed a way to make storytelling inclusive of their employees, a routine part of their operations, and something that is celebrated within the company’s culture.

So we created an employee recognition program to systematically collect nominations, recognize employees and share their stories of excellent service. We then officially launched the brand starting with a series of high-energy internal events hosted by senior leadership.

Employee response was fantastic – they were excited about the new brand and appreciative of the recognition. Most importantly, they understand what their brand stands for and are proud to deliver it every day.

And that makes a rock solid foundation for building a brand.


Branding isn’t about a sticker or a tagline. Your brand is your company’s most important business asset and it affects all parts of your organization and all audiences, internal and external. So before you get going with a new branding campaign, make sure you build it from the inside out. Call us at 813.875.3322 to get everyone in your organization believing in your brand promise.

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